Melanie Mandl Bio

Melanie Mandl works in a variety of medias, including painting, sculpture and video installation. Her paintings are typically three-dimensional. The viewer is encouraged to see them from different angles, so that the imagery is revealed to them as they move past. Using stop motion animation, she has created site specific video installations in a similar format.

An accomplished filmmaker, Melanie has made film shorts like Silent Moon and her music-inspired project, Run, an animated narrative about loneliness, and anxiety. Run would go on to receive an honorable mention at the USA Film Festival in Dallas, the White Sands Film Festival, and would win the award for Best Music Video at the LA Film Festival.

Melanie's work is dark and quirky, often exhibiting a wry sense of humor. There is a subtle, whimsical tone that underpins her pieces creating a feeling of wonder and loneliness. These emotions are seen in the palette she chooses and her sculptor's sense of texture. Her cinematography is deliberate and methodical. Stop-motion animation and puppeteering contribute to Melanie's general storytelling aesthetic; her work has the quality of fairytales that collide with technology.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions

Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2014

Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2014

Above the Sea, Below the Sky, solo exhibition
Wallspace LA, Los Angeles 2014

Group Exhibition
James Grey Gallery 
Santa Monica 2013

Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2013

Grand Opening
Keystone Art Space 2013

Keystone Art Space 2013

The Tree solo exhibition
Freight & Cargo, San Jose 2013

Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2012

Echo Park Artwalk
Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2012

Depth Perception
Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2012

Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles 2012

Art Unites 5 
Historic Lankershim Arts Center, North Hollywood 2011

Urban nothingness
Jefchak Wyrich, Beverly Hills 2011

Film Festivals

International Festival of Animated Objects


USA Festival Dallas

Cinequest San Jose

White Sands

Los Angeles Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

Animated dreams

Newport International Film Festival

Rockland Shorts, The Farnsworth Art Museum

Clint Mansell Concert in Ghent, Belgium

Awards and Honors

Shots Magazine: "Directors to Watch" 2008

Winner, Audience Award for "RUN," Los Angeles Film Festival 2008

Honorable Mention for "RUN," White Sands Film Festival

Honorable Mention for "RUN," USA Festival Dallas

Selected Bibliography

Film Independent 2012
SHORT FIX: AIR’S RUN Animated by Melanie Mandl

San Jose State University 2013
Lecture: "From Tiny Town to Tinsel Town"

Voyage LA - Meet Melanie Mandl of Keystone Art Space